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Visitor Center

The Visitor Center Experience

The Visitor Center Experience

Visiting Options

As varied as the wines produced in our winery, so is the variety of visiting options. Barkan Wine Cellars can tailor to each visitor his or her unique experience. For your choice, variety of tours appropriate for different levels and the diverse interests of each visitor. Coordinate in advance so you can visit and choose the most appropriate tour for you.


He has taken me to his cellar, and his banner over me is love. (The Song of Songs 2, 4)

Between the Hulda Forest and Kibbutz Hulda, at the heart of 500 acres of vineyards, resides Barkan Wine Cellars' large and impressive visitor center.

Visitors can expect a unique experience around the theme of "from land to bottle", a sensual experience in which they stimulate all their senses in an introduction to the world of wine.

As you enter the visitor center (a large and impressive building of nearly 20,000 square feet), your noses fill with the smell of wine. Later, you will be surrounded within the largest barrel hall in Israel, with over 5,000 barrels. From there you'll enter a sophisticated auditorium and watch a 180 degrees movie presenting the grapes' growing methods and the wine's manufacturing. We'll then tour the barrel hall and leave the center in order to watch the bins farm and the largest and most modern bottling hall in Israel.


Wine Production in Israel: A Guided Tour and Wine Tasting:

Duration of Tour: 75 minutes


  • Movie on 180* screen in our large auditorium
  • Entry to the largest cellar/barrel hall in Israel with over 6000 French Oak Barrels
  • Lookout of the whole winery on outside bridge:
    Viewpoint of the largest vineyard of Israel
    Viewpoint of our stainless steel tanks farm (over 200 tanks)
    Viewpoint of the largest column still distillation tower in Israel
  • Entry to the Bottling and Packaging Plant at the winery
  • Guided Wine Tasting on “How to taste Wine” including 4 different Barkan Premium Wines Or Prestige Wines

Wine Production in Israel Tour+ tasting of 4 different Barkan Premium Wines


From 3 up to 10 Visitors: 85 NIS per visitor. including cheese platter, bread and tapenades- 130 NIS per visitor
From 10 visitors and upwards: 60 NIS per visitor. including cheese platter, bread and tapenades- 105 NIS per visitor


VIP Couples Tour:

Unique and private VIP tour for couples: Celebrate your birthday / wedding anniversary with a private tour of the winery with a wine tasting, a cheese platter & crackers/ bread and tapenades


per couple: 270 NIS. including cheese platter, bread and tapenades- 350 NIS per visitor

Wine tasting in our Wine shop/Tasting Room:

Duration: 30 minutes


wine tasting

Drop by for a wine tasting

Our professionally trained Tasting Room staff offer a variety of different wine tasting options:
"Wine flights": starting from NIS 40 per visitor.

Business Events

And I set before the sons of the house of the Rechabites pots full of wine, and cups, and I said unto them, Drink ye wine (Jeremiah 35, 5)

Barkan's visitor center enables our visitors to integrate into their visit workshops, seminars, conventions, organizational internal or external events, board meetings, integrated team building activities, marketing and sales events, exposure meetings etc

Thus the visitor center includes the following:

  • Sophisticated and computerized auditorium, seating 50 people (including projector, sound system, computer interface).
  • VIP room for 30 people (including a round table).
  • Catering services on demand, with different kosher certifications.
  • Fancy hosting lobby.
  • Room for up to 120 people, seated.
  • Fancy plaza to host up to 280 people.
  • Unique activities for groups and managers (team building, leadership workshops etc.)
  • Regional activities – Israeli history, treasure hunts, bicycle trips, jeeps.
  • Workshops – professional wines, wine & chocolate, cooking & wine and more.
  • Israeli agriculture in Barkan's vineyards.
  • Free parking.

Private Events

  • Birthdays, family gatherings, friends' night out.
  • Events at the Palm Plaza – up to 230 people.
  • Unique events at the VIP room.
  • Events at the center – up to 120 people, seated.
  • Unique activities to enrich the event (chocolate workshops, matching wine with food and more).
  • Unique atmosphere.

Opening Hours of Barkan’s Visitors Center and Flagship Wine Shop:
Sunday through Thursday: from 9am until 5pm
Fridays: from 9am until 2 pm
Saturdays: Closed
ALL TOURS REQUIRE PRE- BOOKING: By phone on 08-9988788 or by e-mail: Nani Van den Bergh Or

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