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  • The Assemblage series receives citation and great reviews from the acclaimed international wine magazine "Wine Enthusiast"


    As part of its most recent wines listing, to be published in September, the acclaimed international wine magazine "Wine Enthusiast", one of the most professional and renowned wine magazines in the US, has awarded Barkan Wine Cellars' Assemblage series with high scores in a number of categories, among which is "Editor's Choice".

    The Barkan Assemblage Reichan 2010 has won the Editor's Choice category with the impressive score of 92.

    The Barkan Assemblage Eitan 2010 has won the "Cellar Collection" category, a category consisting of wines targeted for collection, with a score of 91.

    Mr. Shmuel Boxer, Barkan's CEO, has said that "we are proud of the Assemblage series and the positive reviews it has been gathering in Israel and throughout the world."

    The Assemblage series' wines can be found in wine stores and in selected restaurants.

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  • New harvest from Barkan: Chardonnay Reserve 2012


    New harvest from Barkan: Chardonnay Reserve 2012

    A new harvest from Barkan: Chardonnay Reserve 2012. The wine was carefully produced from grapes raised in the Upper Galilee vineyards (85%) and the Kiryat Anavim Vineyard of the Jerusalem Mountains (15%), which keep confirming their quality year after year. The emphasis was put on vineyards planted in high altitude and enjoying a nightly temperature drop. The grapes were harvested when the fruit indicated the best balance of its components and a full aromatic development, but not over-ripening. The harvest was conducted manually, and the grapes were transported to the winery in small bins, to keep them from squashing.

    The fruits' processing at the winery is done in order to protect them from oxidation and to produce a considerably clear and scented juice, even at the cost of low extraction rates. Following their separation and crushing, the grapes were cooled down and transferred into special basins, from which the juice was drained immediately due to gravity. The juice has spent another night of cold sinking in order for the fermentation to occur when the grape juice was considerably clean. Following decantation and addition of yeast that were carefully chosen, a major part of the juice was inserted into new oak barrels and second-use barrels in order to maintain the balance between the fruit and the oak's aroma. The same juice was made to ferment in barrels and spent six additional months in them, while undergoing weekly shuffle of the yeast's residue which provided the wine with its richness of tastes and textures and protected the wine from oxidation. The rest of the juice underwent a cold, slow and clear fermentation in stainless steel bins with no wooden touch, in a way that maintained the fruit's fresh nature. In the 2012 harvest the fruit was rich with fresh fruity aroma and sourness which complemented that freshness, therefore the malolactic fermentation was prevented and thus the crisp sourness of the wine was maintained, which on top of its being balanced in the wine, also acts in white wines as a sort of "spinal cord" which provides an aging capability, a role played by red wines' tannins. At the end of the aging months the wines from both fermentations, the barrels and the stainless steel, were merged together.

    The Chardonnay Reserve is a unique wine at the landscape of Chardonnay wines from Israel and the world. The emphasis in this wine is on an energetic and vivacious fruit, full of exotic tastes and freshness, supported by a crisp sourness and elegant frame provided by the oak. The oak's tastes are integrated into the fruit's tastes in a manner that emphasizes them and doesn't ascend them. The wine avoids heaviness and butter and caramel tastes that are popular in Chardonnay wines and threaten to get many wine enthusiasts tired of that variety.

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  • New at Barkan: Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2012


    New at Barkan: Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2012

    A new wine from Barkan Wine Cellars - Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2012. The wine is mostly made of grapes harvested in the Dovev and Kerem Ben Zimra vineyards at the Upper Galilee heights. For this variety, crucial importance lies in the accurate timing of the harvest in order for the fruit to develop its full taste without reaching over-ripening. The harvest is conducted manually, and the grapes are transported to the winery in small bins.

    Following a gentle squashing and cooling down, the grapes were transferred into special basins, from which the juice was drained via gravity only, with no pressure applied. The same sweet and scented juice was transferred into a stainless steel tank, in which it spent one night in the cold in order for its few grapes' solids to sink into the tank's bottom. The following day, the same juice was separated from its solids and transferred to another tank. Carefully chosen yeast, to comply with the grape's characteristics, was then added, and slow and cool fermentation has begun. During the fermentation, the original grape's aroma was maintained, but new aroma was added, which was created due to the special yeast which fully exposed the richness of the grapes' scents.

    While preparing this wine, we avoid any touch with oak, whether it's the fermented juice or the post-fermentation wine; thus in order t maintain the fresh and original expression of the Sauvignon grapes which were lovingly nurtured in top quality vineyards, and to present it to the taster as is, free of any "mask" of barrel tastes.

    The wine is indeed aromatic and scented, displaying scents of fruits such as passion fruit, nectarines and green apples, with pleasant leafy and mineral hues. In the mouth the wine is vibrant, fresh and proliferates with juicy and vigorous fruity taste, supported with crisp and wonderful citrus' sourness which cleanses the palate and causes the tasters to lift their glasses for a refill of this lively wine.

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